When you order DoorDash, and don’t tip, and still expect your food. Yikes.

In college I had a total of 16 roommates over 5 years. Some were drunkards, some were addicts, some were assholes, one was a rapist who went to jail. Really shit people. I graduated having only paid an average of $250 a month per room in four bedroom apartments scattered about the city. I graduated with no debt, having worked two jobs and running my own computer repair/sales gig on the side.

Sure, you can say my experience is anecdotal but it simply didn’t make sense to me to have student loans knowing how detrimental they would be and for how long. Some people are ok with that. I wasn’t.

People on this sub knock me for working so hard. They say I shouldn’t have had to. They say random insulting shit to tell me how my personal experience was wrong.


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