Where did this political correctness/hypersensitivity movement originate from? What is the movements goal?

Wow, it sounds like you miss the olden days. Do you ever wonder why things change? I'll give you a hint. It's because the old ways you're so fond of don't work. If the way you were raised was the perfect parenting style, then why does literally every outlet, from pediatricians to behavioural specialists, and everyone in between strongly recommend against parenting the way you were parented. Babies sleep on their backs now, we all wear three-point seatbelts, athletes wear helmets and more protective gear, etc. Society changes with the times as we learn more and more things about ourselves.

It's common knowledge amongst child care professionals and mental health professionals that telling a kid who hurts themselves to suck it up and get over it, and all that other macho, old school bullshit is actually counter-productive and leads to relationship issues between kids and parents later in life.

Of course that doesn't apply to 100% of the population, but when you're raised in an environment where no adults give you a voice, and do not relate to you, you're going to have a harder time with your kids when they get older. If they can't come to you with a scraped knee because you're going to shush them and belittle them, then they certainly won't be coming to you when they need you with other, bigger things when they're older.

When my kids were little and they fell I made sure they were okay, held them, and let them cry if they needed to. I always let them know I was there for them. When someone made fun of them, you bet your ass I was there to make sure they weren't being bullied. Light teasing is one thing, but I didn't just tell them to grow thicker skin, I made sure they were safe from the raging assholes that populate every school in the world. That's a parent's job. Of course when they misbehaved they were disciplined and they quickly learned that their actions came with consequences, but that didn't include hitting them, because, again, we now know that hitting doesn't work, and is lady, ineffective parenting. Today, as teenagers, there's very little my kids keep from me. I know when they're going to be drinking and smoking pot, I know which ones are sexually active, and I know what emotional issues they're dealing with. They trust that I'm not going to treat them like shit and get on their case, because as much as some of that stuff may seem trivial to most adults, to kids, these are the most important issues in their lives right now.

And before you tell me you and your kids "turned out perfectly fine" I'd be interested in knowing if that's something only you say about yourself, or if the people around you feel the same way.

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