Wife says, "I'm going to take care of this!" while jiggling her belly fat. Husband say, "hahahahaaa...". New members in the gym.

As a woman myself, i might be more misogynistic than he is. When i read this my assumption was the complete opposite of everyone else's reaction.

I imagined a wife who is overbearing, controlling, and constantly emasculates him. She thinks she knows whats best for him even though she's clueless herself.

"Come on honey, you need to hit the gym!" she says for the 100th time in the past 10 years. She doesn't stop nagging despite letting herself go much farther than i ever have. It seems she needs me to go with her just so she'll try.

"he can't do anything by himself! I better go ask for help on his behalf... after all he's too stupid to figure it out on his own!" Maybe then i can bond with this trainer at the gym and she can give me some tricks of the trade! I'll be more knowledgeable about working out and i'll be able to help him since he's clueless.

Man trying to get his workout in and just get it done by doing some cardio and lifting some weights when- "Excuse me sir, do you need any help? I'm available for orientation! Your wife informed me you need help."

The feelings of embarassment sink in. She's done it again. Why is she always so concerned with me instead of herself?! She's always saying she'll eat better, but she gets discouraged anytime i lose weight quicker than her. She makes excuses and never sticks to the plan because she expects things to happen overnight...

Bonding time with female at gym "Hey honey! Guess what! I'm gonna take care of all this! Just you wait and see!"

"Yeah right! Haha" he says trying to reestablish his sense of manhood. A sinking feeling builds up in his stomach thinking of the ride he's about to be dragged down and the stern lecture he'll definitely receive when he gets home. Why did he have to say that? No....The soul crushing feeling wells up.


Good luck to them though.

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