WikiLeaks Reveals TPP Proposal Allowing Corporations to Sue Nations

So many people have been trying to shed some light on shit like this inevitably happening throughout history, but everyone just denounces them as reckless conspiracy theorists.

It's nauseating that people cannot see the truth even when it's right in front of their faces. Instead, people are more likely to jump on the corporate media bandwagon, and support corporate agendas.

I was one of those people, once upon a time. I could not see what was wrong with the world around me. I would sit here in ignorance to the world beyond my own, focusing my attention on things such as my favorite tv shows or the latest technology that could make my life easier, but never did I take a moment to truly think of the negative things which were going on. My life was too easy, too comfortable due to technology. Sure, the news was there, and I would often watch it, but never did I take any time to research the information which was being presented to me, never did I take a second to ask why it was that people were killing each other in other countries and why people were being faced with subjugation all around the world. Instead, I just accepted the media's narrative, I just accepted this common view that those things were only happening because those countries were "uncivilized" and that their people were primitives. Then, one day, I was introduced to the harsh reality, the reality that all these supposedly uncivilized countries were being subjugated by multinational corporations. Their lives were being manipulated by unfair agreements which were being formed by misrepresented versions of promises which were within those agreements. It was on that day that I woke up. I started to see the evil which had spread throughout my world. Everything that was going on in my life, all those tv shows, all that technology, was just a curtain that was used to cover my eyes from the truth. It

I know this is going to sound like a very "wake up sheeple", kind of statement, but seriously, we really do need to wake the fuck up and stop letting the media manipulate our opinions, our decisions, and our very own ways of life.

I'm not sure if I'm wording this right, I always find it hard to put my thoughts into words, but hopefully some people here will understand.

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