Women who dated late bloomers: what was it like and what would you have done differently?

I guess I did. He was only 19-20 (I don't remember exactly), but I still consider that pretty late to have a first relationship. It was fine, though. He was a little too eager to please sometimes, but I found it endearing. His friends, not so much, but his friends were assholes. He was obviously inexperienced and a little clumsy with expressing himself. Also had a hard time prioritizing important life stuff (chores, work, bills, stuff that's new to most people at that age) when I was around. He was very sweet, though, and tried really hard to make sure I was happy and felt comfortable with him.

I still consider him one of the best boyfriends I've ever had, but I just wasn't in a good emotional place to nurture a serious relationship at the time. I had family issues and mental health problems, so I ended up being a pretty big jerk and dragging him down into my shit spiral with me. I wish I'd been kinder to him and given him a better first experience with relationships, but he's done pretty well for himself despite the hell I put him through. Last I heard, he was married to a nice woman, had kids, a good career, and owned a home. Living the dream,and he doesn't deserve any less.

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