Work should not be tied into our basic needs of survival

There is satisfaction in work. Not all work, obviously. But pride in a job well done, that feeling of accomplishment after a hard day’s work. It doesn’t have to be your dream job or tap into your most creative / inspired abilities to be work you can enjoy. As long as you are paid appropriately for your efforts and treated with the respect you deserve, work can simply be enjoyable for work’s sake.

I do get that a lot of jobs today are not adequately compensated & there is a lack of respect in some trades/professions. But a lot of the posts I see on r/antiwork & others rant about seemingly any job that expects people to…. Work. I sometimes marvel at the amount of energy people put into “looking busy” to avoid doing their job & think, “it would’ve been easier just to do the damn task.”

There is a problem with work at the moment. But IMO the blame for those problems comes from several places including current attitudes about what work needs to be to make a person happy.

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