[WP] An immortal decides to befriend every person who lived, lives, and will ever live.

The universe is an infinity of possibility.

I have lived for far too many years to count, and I've seen far more than any one person should ever see. If there's anything I've learned in all this time, it's that life - all life - is capable of good and evil in equal measure. There is a certain beauty in this, in the sea of variety, in every unique spark that defines each individual life. There is a certain horror in it as well, for you only need to see one blackened soul to understand the depravity into which others may fall.

Yet in all my time, I have perhaps only grown more idealistic. I believe in the ability for the light in every heart to prevail, no matter the crime. Perhaps some crimes are worse than others, but we are different people from instant to instant, a different configuration of neurons and biochemistry, and each new instance has a chance of redemption.

This, perhaps, is why I began my journey. It has been far too long for me to recall the exact reason I began, but I try to connect with all those around me, to bring out the light within their hearts no matter how lost they might seem.

The first friend I had later become a lover, for his light shone so brilliantly I could not help to succumb to it. His was a star that shone brighter than all the others, quelled my taste for travel. His loss pains me to this day, though I often see him reflected in the night sky.

The others were more subtle, but each beautiful in their own ways. A little girl who shone with a warm, soft light and grew into a beautiful young lady who would always laugh at my jokes. A old man, paralysed, yet always greeted me with a smile. Still others I had to guide away from the darkness, men and women who fell to their passions and lashed out. Always within was a soul too scared to face the world, or one who had never learned of the light.

I would face it with them, lead them out, and always I gained a fiercely loyal friend who gave their lives to redeem themselves. Men who once killed in anger threw himself before a bullet meant for a child; a woman who poisoned her husband

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