Yep, a real parrot. Really wearing a parka.

'Just because you like the idea" ... but the macaw 'doesn't have aspirations to vacation in Brazil' (he he he humour!)... etc.

I see! Yes I do like the idea of a free macaw flying in its natural environment. Fuck me, right? I consider this fate preferable to what's pretty standard fare when it comes to making one of these awesome birds into a 'pet' ... basically just so some poor idiot might vicariously feel exotic or whatever.

Here's what's advised (from ... not for sick sosiopaths but for 'good, conscientious and responsible pet owners', the ones who provide their captive macaws with, as you put it ... 'happy comfortable life as pets':

"Clipping your bird's wings will make him calmer and more dependent and make it safe to take him outside. Macaws are very strong fliers and most of the lift in their wing is from the primary flight feathers (10 feathers closest to the tip of the wing). Most of the primary feathers (usually 8 to 12 feathers) should be clipped to prevent flight. Avoid clipping the secondary feathers (the 10 feathers closest to the body).

Clip only enough so the bird will glide safely to the floor. Don't clip the bird so much that he falls or so little that he can gain altitude. Generally, it is best to cut both wings equally. If you trim only one wing, the bird will be unbalanced and will tumble and may be injured if he tries to glide to the ground.

Be sure to look for blood feathers (an immature, growing feather larger and softer than the shaft of a mature feather) and avoid breaking or cutting one. If a blood feather is cut, the bird can have considerable blood loss. Mature feathers do not have nerves in the shaft and cutting them is not painful.

The frequency of wing clipping will vary, depending on how soon your bird molts after being clipped. If he starts to re-grow his feathers and is able to gain altitude, he should be clipped again.

Next: Nail Trimming ..."


Words cannot express the contempt I feel for this kind of pathetic and weird shit. So, don't provide financial support the asshole-industries perpetuating this crap. And never mind little anthropomorphic sweaters, jackets etc. Just let them live in their natural environments.

What's so hard about this for Pete's sake?


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