[WP] You are reincarnated as a voice within a schizophrenic's head.

When I woke up I knew immediately there was life after death, I was surprised to say the least. Not that I didn't think it possible, just highly improbable. At least the whole "God" thing was a bust, hell would-not-of-been fun. I thought I hit the jackpot really, as far as all possible outcomes went, I was wrong.

"God Damnit, there's really life after death?"

He answered me: "Who's there?! I'm armed!" What the fuck is going on I thought? I can see, hear, feel. My hearts beating faster, my blood pressure is rising, my minds racing. Then it hit me, it's not my mind it's his mind. Maybe God is real, the whole twisted humor thing and all. Obviously the first words of my new existence had startled the guy, sounds like something a serial killer would say. I'll just play this cool, stay quiet, and try and figure out what to do ne...

Fumbling around trying to grasp at anything blinded by that supernova white light that came from nowhere. Things were beginning to come back into focus: I was on my couch next to my junkie girlfriend Sarah. She had a horrible look on her face, she was shaking me. What is going on... my eyes lolled into focus on an empty surengine and a bag of heroin. Oh yeah, I... then over to my bloody drug dealer laying on the floor with a hole in his chest. The light again.

"I can't breathe, I can't breathe, GHUAAH." I'm , he's driving, and panicking. The car screeching as he slams on the break while changing lanes and spirals out of control into the guard rail. He grabbed the door handle and bolted out, looking around frenzied examining the car interior. The warm blood tricking down his head felt just like my own. "I'm not in there, what's your name?." He was screaming, grasping his temples. "Relax, I'm in your head, I'm not going to hurt you." I felt his mind breaking, every word I uttered was like a hammer driving down a nail, shattering his psyche. "It's going to be.. what's your name?" I could feel his psychosis setting in, I could feel the extreme state of panic he was in, as if it were my own. I can't think of anything to say, I don't know what to do. "STOP IT, STOP IT, CALM DOWN PLEASE." I was screaming, but I didn't care, I just wanted the madness to stop, except it only made it worse. He started laughing hysterically, eyes bulging from his skull he turned around toward the guard rail and cackled: "My names George." teeth bared as he flung himself from the guard rail.

The resonating white light again. "God I wish this would stop, what is going on?". Someone answered: "God? I think you've taken a wrong turn, God's not here." "Where's here," I responded "Who are you!?" The blindness wasn't going away this time. "I'm Satan. I seen the spark in you, just as you were about to be thrown in the pit. Yes, you'll make a fine demon.

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