[WP]The Hero slowly realizes that the various hordes of monsters aren’t really evil at all. They’re just people. The King is simply a bigot.

Violet leaves.

"Are you sure she's not a boy in disguise? You two were kissing."

"Yes, I'm sure", Roselyn responds. "I'm gonna go to sleep now. You should clean yourself off."

I take of my armor and go into the shower. I'll have to speak with King Aaron tomorrow. Surely he has the wrong person. The fiasco with Violet and Roselyn is also confusing, but I feel that Roselyn's intentionally keeping information from me. I suppose I'll speak with Violet as well.

Next Day:

"Ah, hello there, Silver Knight. Pleasure to see you. What brings you here?" King Aaron's jolly as always. Jackie stands nearby, dusting the nearby lights with a duster.

"You majesty, what makes you think that Roselyn Willow is a faggot? How do you distinguish them from ordinary citizens."

"Ah", King Aaron says. "It is simple. I know who's a faggot because my spies catch them in the act, committing a sin that will land you in hell, no matter what else you've done with you life."

"And what may that be?", I question. What sin could King Aaron be referring to? I mean sure, she could secretly be a murderer, but that doesn't mean she's a faggot. She could just be an insane human who gets thrown into the dungeons.

King Aaron sighs. "The bible states that when someone loves someone of the same sex in a romantic way, they have sinned and must go to hell. Now, it isn't possible for humans someone to love someone else of the same sex, besides family of course. However, since these faggots are demons and are supposed to be in hell anyways, then they can love someone of the same sex. That's how we know who's human and who's a monster."

Well, that explains what I saw between Violet and Roselyn. Still, I have an objection. "Your majesty, how exactly are demons suppose to love people of the same sex if they can't feel love at all?"

"That, is something only God knows. Now, I have a meeting to attend with my royal council, so I must go. Good luck on your quest."

King Aaron leaves the room. I glance at Jack.

"You seem a bit tense. Is everything alright?"

"No sir", Jack responds. "Just thinking about stuff."

I find myself leaving the castle and going back home to change into civilian clothes. I'm still confused by what King Aaron said. It still remains the fact that I am Roselyn's brother, therefore I know for sure that she's not a demon. I do have a particularly smart friend who's good at figuring stuff out.

"Hi there. What brings you here? If you need an investigation done, you've come to the right place. I can dig up any information you want, if paid properly of course."

I sigh. "Hey, Ann. I may not need a full-on investigation yet, but I'd like to discuss some things with you, if you promise to keep things a secret."

She smiles and lets me in. "Anything for a friend. Tell me what's bothering you."

I slouch on the sofa, and recount everything that's happened since when King Aaron told me Roselyn was the next target.

"Roselyn? A faggot? Hahahahaha, the king is hilarious. I never really took him too seriously."

"Really? He's the king. He doesn't need to know everything, but you can't really call him dumb or anything of that sort. Anyways, do you know what else distinguishes faggots from humans?"

Ann sighs. "You want my honest opinion? I think the faggots are humans. I don't they're demons at all. I think you've been killing innocent people."

...Really? "So you're saying I've been killing innocent people this entire time? I don't believe you."

"I don't want to either. Don't worry, if I'm right, I'll still be you're friend. Just think about it. Faggots and humans are identical in appearance. They sound the same, walk the same. Some even have families. All faggots appear as adults, so any children part of their families are human. You'd think if they were demons disguised as humans, they'd take the effort to make their children look biological, but they don't. They just go, 'We adopted a child'. It's like they're dumb and evil when if fits the narrative. You even said yourself that demons can't love."

I head out the door. "It's been nice speaking with you, but I'll take my leave now. I'll think about what you said."

On my way home, I run into Violet.

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