[WP] You wake as the only human with common sense

...and it was just like every other day. Again I woke up at 6:30 am to the sound of my upstairs neighbor stomping around the bedroom getting ready for work... it's not like the floor plans are identical and you are stamping over somebody else's head. By the time I got back to sleep I was almost immediately reawakened by the sound of the slamming apartment door. It was 7 am, why would they assume somebody might be sleeping at that hour. Grr I guess I'll get started on my day. OK let me call the credit card company to once again point out the inaccuracies on my statement. You'd think that a note from a company documenting the transactions or rather lack thereof multiple identical transactions would allow the issue to be resolved in under 3 months. Time for breakfast, "I'll have a medium black coffee with a plain bagel, not toasted nothing on it". ... "would you like cream and sugar" " black". "What type of bagel" "plain". "Here you go" "thanks"... crap he forgot the cardboard sleeve for this cup of scalding hot coffee, but heck he toasted the bagel so I have that going for me. Head palm. Time to start the work day... oh look, the super experienced Support person just told a client I could resolve her problem... it's a shame I've never even seen this product before because it's entirely custom and requires a CPA... but I'm a lawyer. Time to get cracking, hmm. It's been three week already and I still can't get them to send me the password despite repeated requests, it's not like I needed to have this product up and running... really why would I need a password anyway, I was only supposed to be done testing the product last week. Oh an emergency email. My boss would like me to write my own review ASAP because her boss wants it. Written. Boss thinks it's great - which is impressive since I inserted the word narwhal 14 times but whose counting. I also indicated that my job title was the Grand Puba of the Order of the Water Buffalo. Time for lunch. "I'll have a double hamburger with lettuce and tomato". Hmm. "You know a double hamburger is supposed to have two patties.. hence the word 'double'" "uuurghh" "I don't have time for this, just get it right next time". Time for a client meeting. "How can we make our system know that these type of entries are different than these otherwise identical entries". "Well, you need to tag them with different tags". "That's too much work for our employees, we need to automate it without tagging". "Well, I guess you could always hire a psychic." That was really my day today.

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