writers in the room: how to date writers without it becoming divisive?

Speaking of anxious, I edited my comment so it doesn’t match your reply, I’m sorry !

I will to respond tomorrow because it’s super late. My heart goes out to you.

I will say he sounds like he is projecting a bit re: your supposed paranoia. He has to get all his ideas down to race other people? Does everyone have the exact same conversations as you two and so the clock starts and we all have to race to write that exact thing down? I’m not sure I understand his reasoning. There are infinite topics to write about even in a single subject, so who exactly is he racing…? Who is paranoid here? Genuine question.

As for writing credit, why do you have to ask him at all. What does “nobody does this for anyone” mean? There are very successful writing collectives where it’s two, four, six people writing together and no single person gets credit. Tiqqun comes to mind. “Nobody has a problem like this” is just bizarre. How would he know that?

In any case my heart goes out to you. I’m sorry but he seems cruel

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