A Wuhan doctor who posted information about the new coronavirus on social media that was shared by the late whistle-blower Li Wenliang has broken her silence, saying she was muzzled by Chinese authorities for raising the alarm without their permission at the start of the outbreak.

Anyone supporting communism after the trail of wreckage it caused in the 20th century is ignorant. Yes society needs to take care of the poor, sick, and infirm, and yes capitalism needs to have regulations and controls to make sure we have a socialistic element to capitalism.

But to suggest communism, a form of government that has murdered millions, resulted in horrific suffering, caused economic collapse and human rights violations on a unimaginable scale is down right irresponsible. And naive. Communism works on a familial level, nothing beyond that. The state must encourage private ownership and personal responsibility, which a capitalist system does.

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