Zelensky says Macron urged him to yield territory in bid to end Ukraine war

Negotiated a ceasefire

That’s a real interesting way to spell surrender. The French government folded like a house of cards in the face of adversity, leaving their citizens without leadership under fascist rule, perpetuating Nazism within the region and allowing the Nazi’s to establish a total hold over the country of France for four years. The only reason France still exists is because America intervened four years later and saved them; no Allied army entered the area again until June 4, 1944.

If Ukraine starts surrendering territory, Russia will just continue to take over the land until other countries are forced to intervene just to take a war torn land back. My point is that it won’t “just stop” if they surrender the slice of territory, Russia will just keep reaching in for more. Zelenskyy knows this and is continuing to stand for his nation; they will defend their country until death, not roll over and die. That is the only way that this will end with Ukraine still being its own sovereign territory. Why do you think he called out Macron on the bad advice?

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