11 February 2016

I've tried to construct my own plan following the GZCL-Method. Can you guys please take a look?


Tier Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
1 Sumo DL Bench LB Squat
2 Bench (paused) Deficit DL Lunges
3 2xsmth for squats 2xsmth for DL Bench and smth

I've been used to 3xbench a week so I ended up with something like this. I'm not sure about having some T2 exercises on some days that have nothing to do with the rest of the workout. For example on day 1 I deadlift then do T2 Bench and hop back to some more leg work. I feel like that is a bit weird. Reason is that Cody suggests to do smth like 12x3 for T2. In my case I'd end up spending very little time on that exercise (6-10min) without any pre exhaustion.

Progression for T1 (Squat,Bench,DL):

Week WeightxRepsxSets
1 85%x4x3 (12)
2 90%x3x4 (12)
3 95%x2x5 (10)
4 90%x3,95%x2,100%x2+ (7+)

Because of what I have mentioned above I have decided to keep the reps for the T2 exercises a bit lower so I can add more sets and spend more time on the T2 movements in future.

For now the volume is close to the 1:2:3 ratio but I'm planning to add some sets her and there while building up my capacity starting from T3.

Progression for T2 (Deficit DL, Paused Bench):

Week WeightsxRepsxSets
1 65%x8x3 (24)
2 70%x7x3 (21)
3 75%x6x3 (18)
4 80%x5x3 (15)

Also I didn't quite understand the function of amrap sets aside of determining your new 2rm and assessing your volume capacity in the first cycle.

Anyway I'd love to get some feedback since my knowledge on the GZCL-Method is still not up there and I'm not very confident in what I have fabricated so far.

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