I (25 M) am not sure about my best friend's (24 F) real feelings for me, and I need help to interpret conflicting signals that may not be ones please.

I didn't think those feelings were a problem because I m usually easily dealing with romantic feelings, but posting here and the recent previous post and talk about it for the first time makes me realise that I 'm not really sure if it is a problem or not, and the fact I wonder tend to prove it is I guess... Yes you're right since I see her every day, staying alone for a few days could be usefull. I just don't know how to explain my need to do so to her without confess. I hope it won't affect our friendship either if I tell her or keep it for myself (its maybe kind of dishonest not to tell her but weird to tell her). Whatever thanks for your concern you've been helpfull!

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