@AdamSchefter Stunner from Chicago: Bears starting QB Jimmy Clausen this week, per source.

My response to the "Baffled by all the hate for Cutler":

  • Cutler leads the league in INTs and turnovers. Outside of the eleven starters on defense, that is definitely the chief reason the Bears are 5-9
  • Cutler is vastly overpaid, even supporters acknowledge that
  • For some reason, Cutler defenders say "It was the offensive line, it was the coaching, it was this, it was that," but fail to recognize that all worthwhile quarterbacks find a way to at least compete on a regular basis even when conditions are not ideal.
  • Cutler is a renowned coach-killer who's had public problems with Mike Tice, Mike Martz, Josh McDaniels, and now a frustrated Aaron Kromer. Granted Kromer shouldn't have done what he did, but I add him to the list of "offensive coordinators exasperated from having to coach Jay"
  • Cutler is obviously uncoachable. He has bad habits from throwing off his back foot to missing wide open receivers to not looking off safeties to taking his eyes off the field once he experiences pressure. It's clear to anyone who's watched him enough: not one coach the Bears have brought in has been able to change Cutler's habits for the better, and for that I blame Cutler's attitude towards improving.
  • A very controversial point around /r/chibears, but let's not forget that Josh McCown--journeyman Josh McCown--played really, really well when Jay went down last year, making Cutler's accomplishments with this current offense look somewhat questionable.
  • Through it all, Jay does just enough to stick around. Look at his stats this year. Lots of TDs, lots of yards. Many of those are in garbage time. Throughout his time in Chicago, Jay has been just good enough to earn his special coach-killing status: no one wants to totally abandon him, so they're forced to work with his, in my hypothesis, piss-poor attitude.

If you defend Cutler through all this, I think you're really loyal and really blind.

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