After abortion becomes illegal, which it should be, what do influential Evangelical Christians want to accomplish in terms of national American policy/social changes before the year 2024?

I realize that this is cynically worded (perhaps intentionally so), but it is a fair question.

I do not believe that the American evangelical community intends to use politics as a means of creating Christendom. I do believe, however, that it takes the command in Micah 6:8 seriously. In short, they believe that man should (1) do justice, (2) love mercy, and (3) walk humbly with their God.

I also believe that balancing these things is difficult. This means that in lieu of plain issues (evangelicals believe that abortion is plainly wrong), evangelicals would not be monolithic. Were they in charge, there would certainly be changes over time, but I believe that they would be slow and measured.

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