AITA [30M] for giving a child [10F] a $20 bill at her birthday party?

NAH— I think the neighbor has a point that it’s maybe not a great idea, that it can look creepy. Especially if there’s a request for a hug or kiss or even a thank-you. “Hey, get back here! What do you say?” could sound creepy. They aren’t an AH for trying to inform you that it could be misunderstood. A card at least answers the questions of “who is this from? Why?”

But you probably know the family and the situation to know how the family will see it. Are gifts or favours ever exchanged between you and the family? Big question — were the parents there?

We had a similar “party” for a kid the same age and people gathered on the lawn and sang and no one had a chance to go toy shopping. I gave a $20 in a generic birthday card. But I’m sure someone could have just taken a bill out of their wallet. But the fact the parents were there makes it all make sense.

If I found a $20 in my kid’s pocket “where is this from?” “Guy across the street.” “why?” “I don’t know, he just gave it to me. I was skipping on the driveway alone and he came over and handed it to me”, yeah, it would be weird.

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