AITA: Addressing my Girlfriend addiction to her mother

First of all I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but her sobriety is not your responsibility. I’ve had multiple family members go to hell and back with addiction and the only way they got clean was when they WANTED to get clean. Right now she’s going to manipulate everyone around her just to get her next fix. You can’t let this ruin your mental health. & you can continue to love her, but you have to let her hit rock bottom. That may be losing her scholarship or getting kicked off the team. Those are consequences of addiction she’ll have to face.

You absolutely did the right thing telling her mom, don’t let her addict brain gaslight you into thinking you harmed her - you are helping her. I feel for her so much, she sounds so young and I’m really sorry she is struggling with this, it’s horrible.

But in my opinion, from someone who was affected by other people’s addictions, you should gracefully leave this relationship and let her hit rock bottom so that she can actually want to get clean. Right now she’s saying she wants to, but she does not. The last thing you want to become is an enabler , or just be ruined mentally by her decisions.

Sending you love and healing, take care of yourself op

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