AITA for not letting my BF take 150$ an hour tennis lessons?

NTA I know you said you trust him. You shouldn't, imo.

I don't think it's necessarily cheating, but think about why anyone would regularly walk around with large amounts of cash like that. It's dangerous, especially when thimgs like venmo/zelle exist. No adult in their right mind would do that unless they're really trying to avoid detection (i.e. avoid income tax).

Gambling, drugs, debt collectors, paying a maid to do all the chores he says he does before you even come home... he could also be doing tennis lessons, but I guarantee he isn't playing for 4 hours twice a week. He also isn't paying $150/session unless he's being massively conned.

My whole family is obsessed with tennis - we've all taken lessons, gone to camps, played in amateur tournaments, watch professional matches, get competitive with each other and/or etc. I only had to walk 5 minutes to go to my local tennis clinic from my house as a kid.

My brother and sister-in-law actually do take tennis lessons as adults. They are very much upper middle class since they're both well-respected doctors and live in a city that's traditionally known to be very expensive to live in. They do not pay nearly this much for tennis. My brother has been playing tennis since he was a kid, and even if he had the time, he would not be regularly taking lessons for 4 hours sessions 2x a week regularly. I know since I live with them right now. They

For your own good (and his, he might be in some serious trouble), do not believe he is spending this much time and money exclusively on tennis lessons and try to figure out what is actually going on. He's used your money; he's your cohabitating partner... whatever this is, you're involved now.

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