AITA for telling off a customer at work for her autistic son’s stim?

NTA. Mother of an autistic young man, who was indeed a stinker when he was little. I never laughed and made excuses, and there are appropriate punishments that don't involve hitting or yelling. One day my son threw an ice cream over the balcony at a Mall, so he didn't get ice cream for two weeks, and was consistently reminded that if he threw things, he went right home and got no screen time. Another time, he stuck his finger in a stranger's pizza, to which I both apologized and bought the guy a new pizza - and got my son home and didn't give him his nightly treats for a week, with the constant reminder of what he did. They learn. TBH, some parents are awful and abstain responsibility for their typically developed child. If you had called the police, she would have been arrested, because this was assault.

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