AITA for waking up screaming in the middle of the night in pain and waking my bf up?

Ew, hate those cramps. NTA especially if you never hat those before. But I still can understand you bf - he behaves like an asshole but it might be because he was shitless scared for you. I also had this problem with my wife (not cramps, but very emotional reactions) and I was sometime angry at her for being over expressive about something especially when she screamed my name and I jumped out from the bathroom... let's say with the foam. It was "I'm dying" kind of scream, it was "Someone broke into our house" kind of scream, at least "I spilled a pot of hot water and we need to go to ER" kind of scream. It was NOT "Look, here is something funny" kind of scream!

But it was. So we had a somehow angry talk about a boy who cried "wolf".

So probably your bf simply doesn't understand how bad cramps can feel like and he feels like he was scared about you for nothing. He is still an AH but not as much of an asshole as many other users say. If I'm right, he's mad at you not because you woke him up and he doesn't care about your well-being but because you've made him feel bad and scared about your well-being because for - as he may think - no reason.

BTW try standing up if you have a cramp at night. It is counterintuitive but it helps to stop it immediately.

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