I almost had sex with my cousin

Honestly, I feel really ashamed of myself for letting it get to this point especially being the older one involved,

17 and 16? You guys are the same age lol.

But in all seriousness, it really depends on a lot of things.

Do you really love her (like that)?

Do you see a future with her?

What would your guys' family think?


If it's just lust then I would have to say forget it and don't do it again. But if you really love her and see a legitimate future with her then... it's not illegal or incest. At least not in california, and in a lot of other states as well

Kissing Cousins: The States Where Marrying Your Relative Is Legal

And in the Bible it was a normal practice for cousins to marry each other

*** but if you DO pursue a serious relationship with her, you better know what you're getting yourself into because cousin-cousin relationships aren't very ordinary (according to modern society).

So your family may not approve and maybe disown you guys, friends and other people will look at you negatively, you might possibly labeled as freaks or weirdos, etc., and the list goes on

And on the other hand, it would totally not be a good look to be the guy who F'd his cousin and dumped her

But with all that being said, it honestly just sounds like you two are a couple of horny teens so I probably wouldn't do it

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