I am a broke student whose dream is to see as much of the world as possible. Redditors who have accomplished my dream tell me your story and how i can do the same.

I went to university for what I jokingly call "a study abroad major." I worked through high school and saved as much as I could, so when I went overseas I would have enough money to travel. I started with an internship in Ukraine, for which I received 6 credits for a 2 month program. Since tickets out of Kyiv were so expensive, I booked cheap (less than $100) flights to Italy, then Paris, and London, where I stayed a week in each location and flew out of London on a flight about $600 cheaper than if I flew out of Ukraine. Then I continued to do this pattern. I did a one month program in Italy for 6 credits, got a cheap flight to Ireland and slowly made my way there and travelled afterwards in the inexpensive Balkans.

Then a study abroad in Moscow, and took weekend trips within the country and other Eastern European capitals. The 3 month program was for 21 credits. I took a few summer online classes to supplement the times I wasn't physically at my university, but I graduated one year early and saved a years worth of tuition, making the study abroad option actually cheaper in the long run.

Now I teach overseas in Japan, which has allowed me to see a great deal of SE Asia, but honestly it isn't a viable career for most. So I am applying to graduate programs in Russia and Eastern Europe where I one day hope to live and work.

Maybe I would have had a better job had I gone into engineering or computer sciences, but I loved my degree and have gotten to experience so much (~17 countries) and I am only 22. Even if you study STEM many programs offer overseas programs and internships.

Take all of the overseas options you can, and travel before and after the program and make friends and connections. I have been able to visit friends in their home countries that I met while studying and working and stay able to in their homes. Those are some of my best travel experiences.

I don't have a car or a smartphone, and live in a shared housing situation with roommates, but I manage to save over half of my paycheck each month. Traveling is often an option for most people, but it comes with a lifestyle choice as well that isn't always glamorous. Though that doesn't mean I will stop anytime soon.

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