Am I ever gonna be ok again?

I thought after 6 months I would be over you but goddamnit it hurts more everyday.

It's okay mate, take it day by day. Honestly it takes time to get over someone and people recover from relationships at different rates. At the 6 month point I was still trying to get over my SO but thankfully I had school/work to distract me for most of my days. You really just gotta focus 100% on yourself.

No matter what I do, it just feels like I’m only doing it to get you out of my head.

That's the point... You're trying to get over someone. Of course you're going to be thinking about them but by doing so you're only hurting yourself/slowing the progress. Just take it easy and focus on one task at a time. Focus on washing the dishes or whatever chore, then on to the next task. Focus on getting through the day. Eventually, you get tired of being sad for someone who's really not worth your time being sad for. For now, just let all the emotions out. Let all that pain and heartbreak flow. DONT CONTACT THEM WHAT SO EVER. Unfollow them from social media or get off social media for a while if you don't want to unfollow them.

Try and remove things that remind you of your SO. Try to avoid places, for now, that remind you of them. Spend as much time with your friends or family. Just do things.

Things do get better. You just gotta take it one day at a time.

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