Am I the only person in the world always willing to make time for other people? Ready for pure commitment? My life is pointless.Looking for someone in the same situation to talk to daily.Someone who doesn't have anyone just like me

Just want to share my experience with friends I don't talk to for weeks. I have a few good friends who I feel secure about how they feel about me, and their integrity. I know that if they can't respond, it's because they honestly just flaked out or got busy, and it's an honest human mistake. There are other less close acquaintances that I'm interested in getting to know, but seem to show patterns of only giving me attention when it benefits them in some way, whether they need attention or something done for them. With some of them, there are things about them that I like, so I try to continue to stay in contact and build a closer relationship, but those patterns seem to continue. I'm starting to just not give those people my time and energy, because although I do feel lonely and would like their company, I've come to realize that those aren't healthy relationships.

That's just what happens to me. Your mileage may vary.

I agree with you that OP is a very empathic person and values deep connection.

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