I am a trans man with a functioning penis, balls, and vagina. AMA!

In which case I would be intersex, not male.

Not based on karyotype you wouldn't. If your bones never mineralized and still remained soft all your life, that wouldn't make you a lizardman, you would still be a human being with an abnormality. It's no different if the abnormality is genetic. If you look one gender and all your organs are that gender then you ARE that gender, and what your chromosomes say matters fuck all. Because your chromosomes DON'T matter, it's the genes ON those chromosomes that fucking matter, and a gene that's broken is just as good as one that's completely non-existent. And while we're at it, a completely nonfunctional ovary is just as good as a non-existent ovary. When's the last time you worried about your appendix or other non-functional pseudo-organs? So why the fuck would you think other non-functional pseudo-organs matter for anyone?

You claim that

Physicians identify sex in infants based on their organs. but you're too stupid to realize that's not the same as genetic screening. Or to realize that of the two, genetic screening is inferior. In other words, you're not only contradicting yourself but expressing the hope of degrading truth.

Correct is an abstract concept which human bodies and biology in general don't give a fuck about since biology is more brainless (literally) than the most retarded Narcissist in existence. If YOU care about being correct then you'd better realize the entire field of biology will do its level best to fuck you up and you will meet with limited success. That's why doctors and biologists aren't Good people, because they could never stand this shit if they were.

Furthermore, the 5 genders thing is very simple. FIRST, where does gender come from? It comes from narcissists. Why? Because Narcissists are Interface and they're Evil. In order to HAVE an interface you need to have two sides. And the stupidest most braindead way of having two sides is to make them arbitrary and fixed and to have them constantly warring with each other (gender wars).

So Narcissists create gender, and because RWAs and Psychopaths moonlight as Narcissists, they adopt gender as well. And because Neutrals are people-people and Evil people are people too, they adopt gender. Moralists and Gaians adopt mainstream genders, and Annealers can't STAND the mainstream so they make a point of rejecting external organs and external appearances and claiming they're a royal unicorn inside, because you know being a horse or a unicorn inside isn't weird enough. Or less creatively, Annealers will claim they're the other gender inside.

So now you have 4 genders, the two that Narcissists create and all Evils buy into and Neutrals go along with, and an additional two fake-man and fake-woman that Annealers invent because they refuse to be average when they can be weird. And at that point Empowerers kick in their opinion and they say "gender's just a complex bundle of properties invented by Evil and retards, fuck that shit, it doesn't apply to me". So now you have the fifth gender "beyond gender, no gender, both genders, fuck gender". And as an avowed and concerted anti-Narcissist, that's extremely appealing to me.

And Judges? You just look at the soft bits on bodies and say there are 3 genders: one with cock, one with tits, and one in between. And you never realize how completely out of step you are with everyone else because you think everyone else talks about soft bits on bodies when the truth is Narcissists would be perfectly fine creating two genders out of whether you roll your r's when speaking. Anything that was fairly fixed, fairly detectable, and hard to change would do just as well as soft bits on bodies. And everyone else would buy into, go along with, or rail against it. Except you guys.

of genders per personality type

  • 3 4* 2*
  • 2 2 4*
  • 2 2 2

  • Annealers: man, woman, fake-man, fake-woman

  • Polymaths: man, woman, intersex, beyond-gender

  • Empowerers intersex, beyond-gender. Though 'beyond-gender' shouldn't count as a gender for them since it's more "gender? what is gender?"

Transexuals and transgenders are fake-man and fake-woman. There aren't ever going to be any trans- people in this subreddit because Good people aren't stupid enough to mutilate their bodies to go along with what other people think about gender. That really gives you a measure of how retarded Neutrals are: they'll mutilate their own genitals on other people's say so.

Humans. Are not. Special.

Funny you say that given there's plenty of LGBT animals in nature and humans didn't invent intersexuality. In other words, there are 5 genders in nature, but you deny that there are 5 genders in nature. Again you contradict yourself and are too stupid to realize it. (Talking down to Neutrals and Evils has dulled your mind, man. You should have been trying to destroy them or trying to convince them of their own stupidity.)

Also your claim that humans aren't special is ludicrous since we're virtually the only Good things in all the universe. You could even say that humans created Goodness, and that we looked down upon our work (creating farmland, domesticating fruits, domesticating grain, creating bread, creating language, creating thinking people using language, creating consciousness out of language) and it was Good. And on the seventh day we rested. And then we created technology and then on the 9th day we created ungrateful atheists.

In the last verses of genesis it even tells how humanity got expelled from blissful ignorance by acquiring the power of God. That really should have been a big clue for you. I mean, it's not like God at ANY point said "give it back motherfucker, give it back!!" nope, he said "take it man <weepily crying> take it and leave, just leave!" Hehe. It's right there in black and white, humanity has the power of God and if you bother reading between the lines, humanity created everything attributed to God. Ergo, humanity IS God.

The world's biggest religion exists solely to worship US. And that part about God creating humanity in his own image? That was maybe a little more literal than Christians believed. Or alternatively it was a metaphor for consciousness which is the mind creating an image of itself. So anyways brah, I'd say humans are pretty fucking special. And I'd say you need to stop hanging around /r/atheism unless you want to deny the evidence of God's physical existence which you see in the mirror every morning.

But tell me, philosophers grew dissatisfied with religious knowledge and created their own better thing. You grew dissatisfied with philosophy and what did you create to supplant it?

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