Anthony Burch being hired at Riot Games is extremely concerning and here's why

Gun scaling

Gun scaling in BL1 was terrible though?

uvhm mode sucked ass

?????? UVHM and the OP levels are great. What are you even on about?

Legendary world drop rate was almost non-existent

Not necessarily a bad thing. Getting random legendary drops early on made the game far too easy and you would roll through stuff. Legendaries are overkill for everything except end-game raid bosses.

They shifted legendary drops to bosses. So if you really wanted that legendary you could still get them.

Assault rifles were terrible

Better characters and skill trees.

Gun proficiency in BL1 sucked ass.

Auto-picking up ammo and cash

Better boss fights

More enemy diversity

More weapon diversity

gameplay definitely wasnt a straight improvement

Most people would say it was. There are some who don't agree but the general consensus is that BL2 was an improvement across the beard.

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