The AP has learned ex-Michigan Gov. Snyder and others have been told they’re being charged in Flint water scandal.

Being from Michigan, I always thought he was a piece of shit because of the whole Flint water crisis and if I ever had the chance I’d give him a piece of my mind.

Well, at the beginning of the year my fiancé and I were eating dinner at a Hilton in Chicago. The only other couple in the dining room and him and his wife. Two tables down from us.

I was shocked. My fiancé and I started quietly texting each other than our friends in our group chat about what we should do or say. Every idea we had was either way too on the nose (“Hey Rick, enjoying your glass of water?”) or a bad one (make some sort of scene).

Because the hotel was connected to O’Hare I didn’t want us getting kicked out for badgering an important guest because we were flying overseas the next day.

At least that was our excuse for being lame.

Anyway, we totally punked out and missed a golden opportunity. It’s one of those things where you tell yourself if you ever had the chance that you’d do something awesome or memorable in an effort to pull one over on a famous piece of shit you’d do it, but we totally blew it.

Side note, I did catch covid with in 14 days of that interaction so maybe I inadvertently spread the love of my symptoms weren’t showing yet. Maybe I did get to make his life a little miserable. Although I doubt it.

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