Are corporate chain restaurants that bad?

Work for red lobster currently (about six years) and I get a good schedule with the days I want. But when it comes down to it they (managers) can be shady when it comes to employees too. They wont schedule servers they don’t like or give them the worst shifts like six oclock closing in the hopes that they quit. For the most part though in my experience they’ve always been dependable and I can always make money when I come in.

We do get the occasional bad promotions or cheap lunch menu items just due to the fact they want more people to come in. And that usually brings out the ‘cheaper’ types of people.

Also I don’t know how it is at non chain restaurants but at mine we focus on sales alot. We have a tier system where they split the servers in to tier one tier two and tier three. Tier one servers get to pick schedules while lower tiers get less advantages. Kinda shady if you ask me but thats corporate!

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