Bernie Sanders calls gun buybacks 'unconstitutional' at rally: It's 'essentially confiscation'

Again, I'd really like to hear you advocate for citizens being armed with god rods in the future, or even weapons we cant even imagine right now. Microwave heat guns, heart stopping sonic weapons, skies the limit homey there is no telling what the future holds and you think EVERYONE should be able to have this kind of stuff in the future because men 200 years ago didn't NOT say you could? Get real. Are you legitimately fucking stupid or are you just really good at pretending?

If you think the NFA stopped crime

Show me where we are having st patty's day massacres with automatic weapons still. Dumb shit.

You are arguments are about as deep as a dry puddle, and the only amount of thought you have put into any of this is whatever they told you to recite in whatever libertarian circle jerk you come from.

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