Best thing about driving a Ford Escape; you don't get pulled over very often...

My brother's auto insurance expired, he paid every 6 months and is kind of oblivious to stuff like checking that.

Anyways, just as family luck goes, he gets rear-ended 3 days afterwards. Hasn't had an accident in 15 years, but 3 days after his insurance expires, there he goes.

Cops see that, take his license away for 3 months.

He hadn't updated his address after moving in with me, and even though they had his phone number and email address, they only contacted him about the upcoming payment via snail mail. They only contacted him about the policy termination via snail mail.

Personally, I think it should be as illegal for insurance companies to only send correspondence via the post office as to drive without insurance. Within limitations, of course.

Only sending a notification in the least effective manner is like someone going to pay their insurance on a day that the insurance office is closed, and then not attempting to do it again because you already tried once, and the insurance company lose their license to sell insurance for 3 months.

I feel common sense sound be applied to companies, if your customer doesn't respond to a pending cancellation, why would you attempt contact in the same manner? Do you not want them to stay a customer?

I understand that it's not their responsibility to keep my brother insured, but not even trying to keep him as a customer seems just lazy. My dad cancelled his 6 policies(2 cars, truck, house, rental property, and my younger cousin is on his policy too) with that provider, and obviously my brother isn't going back. One phone call or an email would have kept that $3-4k annual check coming in.

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