What happens when a woman posts at /r/ForeverUnwanted?

I don't know why I'm going into the firing squad but what the hell.

I was banned for there for not being FA, but I'm no Chad or alpha either, and I am kinda lonely right now, truth be told.

We had an influx of women come in claiming to be 'forever alone', but it turned out that they either had rejected men they were attracted to , and pined for men who didnt return their affections…or they were treated badly by an ex, which gave them trust issues about men in general. Some also had trust issues due to mental health issues, social anxiety and so on. One admitted to having a crush who she wasn't sure liked her back…but he HADN'T explicitly rejected her.

The former is, forgive me-high standards. Just about everyone has had an unrequited crush at some point or another. The latter 2 types are insecurity.

We also noticed a trend on ForeverAloneWomen of the same complaints. Some mentioned crushes they hadn't yet asked out. Others mentioned rejecting dudes they didn't like and being frustrated at the lack of eligible men. Some mentioned abusive ex boyfriends. Abusive or not, those are still boyfriends. (Callous I know, but logical.)

It was decided that if a woman has been asked out, she is not FA. If she has had a boyfriend, ever, she is not FA. If she has hooked up with anyone but a prostitute…not FA. Not a kiss less virgin? Not FA.

Same standard applies to men. Again why I was banned; I am a virgin, but I've been kissed.

Unfortunately this was bound to create a circle jerk echo chamber because I take that it's fairly mainstream that even unattractive women can get casual sex easier than unattractive men can. However, from the perspective of women, being used as a human flashlight to pump and dump is not being genuinely desired or respected as a person.

I think the problem is that the guys there actually mean they're Forever Undesired-including to hook up for a one night stand-whereas the women there were complaining that they felt Forever Unloved. I.e. they were in the 'fuckzone' (women's version of the friendzone.)

This is aside from the problems that occur when you enable yourself to wallow in self pity by consistently hanging in a toxic echo chamber with confirmation bias abound. Also I know a fair few of them have higher standards than they claim to.

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