Blaming things on Mexicans

The anti-vax movement enrages me.

Did the parents that took their kids to Disney have them fully vaccinated, or was there a weakness in the herd immunization because too large a group of paranoid, no-brain idiots think they know more from reading pseudo-scientific garbage than those epidemiologists and microbiologists who use peer reviewed data do about immunology and the spread of disease? Measles and other vaccine preventable diseases spread because a group of people aren't sufficiently vaccinated to ensure mutually assured protection. To think that only non-vaccinated "illegals" are to blame for the spread is totally neglecting to account for the anti-vaxx movement in industrialized nations. One unvaccinated "illegal" in a group of 99% being vaccinated is not likely to actually cause an outbreak. You don't get sick from something you are immune to.

Death is a greater concern than autism, and not vaccinating causes those with weakened immune systems a higher chance of dying. Babies are dying of whooping cough again after decades of avoidance, and that is functionally unconscionable to me. No child should be dying in America, Canada, Asia or Europe to preventable illnesses which have had cheap, safe, preventative measures available for decades.

I sort of understand the anti-vaxxers in the sense that they feel like they need something to blame for autism, but the science just doesn't support their claim. That doesn't mean the scientists are corrupt stooges of big pharma, it means that the scientific evidence doesn't support their pet theory.

If a person wants to not vaccinate their kids I'm bordering on thinking that they should be at least civilly liable for any outbreak that occurs wherein their children are carriers or transmitters of diseases which are entirely preventable. People can and do sue for wrongful death, and willfully ignoring precautions which which ensure cultural insulation against totally preventable diseases should be grounds for civil restitution for those that lose their loved ones to these diseases who could not directly benefit from vaccinations. If babies die, people that don't vaccinate their children should be held accountable for that death. People with compromised immune systems rely upon having a bubble of vaccinated people around them to prevent their exposure to dangerous pathogens.

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