C8 Prototype fails to impress at the 'ring

The old guys get their ride comfort with the base model cars, the Z51, Z06 and ZR1 are for the younger guys who want to track their car.

Well who the car is for and who buys the cars are two different things.

The people Corvette engineering team knows this which is why Z06 & ZR1 have been been praised for their exceptional ride quality & comfort and that's why on the track Corvettes do okay but not exceptionally well.

The ZR1 had two years additional development times, a lot more power and still can't touch the Viper ACR and that's because even though it's suppose to be the ultimate hardcore Corvette track car it's still full of compromises so that the 40, 50+ year old dudes who buy them will be comfortable puttering around town.

I can't remember ever a time that a Corvette disappointed on a track

Really, you can't remember Z06's overheating on the track first MY of their release? lol k

only times its embarrassed its competition that cost significantly more.

That's hasn't been the case since the C6 Z06

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