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Hook line sinker is a fishing expression, implying that no matter if I get caught and thrown back in the pond, I'll come right back to the next "hook" I see.

"The first mistake" being a "line".

Now, back to my original point [and my last response on this thread for that matter]. NOTHING is perfect. Just because I don't put 2,000+ hours into something doesn't mean I regret purchasing it. Destiny was a far from perfect game, but the memories I had raiding with my friends for the first time overshadowed the emptiness of the story. The gameplay and new design of AC Odyssey allowed to me to overlook the fact that everything related to the actual Assassin's Creed aspect of the game was an afterthought. The removal of realistic physics didn't bother me from riding around the beautifully immersive worlds of the Forza Horizon games.

What you may find good/bad is completely subjective. Turns out we're all getting "hooked" by a bunch of corporate lines. It's up to the individual however, to recognize whether that's a line and swim away, or think it's food and jump in.

All I've been trying to get at is if a company puts out something that interests ME, I have no problem giving it a try. I look at a new trailer for say 'Death Stranding' for instance and scratch my head wondering how it's delusional people are looking at a walking simulator. Guess what, it's not my thing, and I'll just keep swimming until I see the next thing I'm looking for. I'd advice you consider the same than trying to rain in on someone else's parade. Goodbye

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