cant find a character i like

ive spent a very long time in the lab with karin trying to perfect it but i just couldnt get it consistently. i tried doing it with like a reverse uppercut motion but it didnt always work. the main thing i hate about that move is that it requires 2 button presses. if you press punch before your finger gets to down then you get the wrong move. if you press it too late then it doesnt even combo. i would like it way better if they were just 2 different moves with 2 different commands entirely.

the problem with ryu and cammy wasnt so much with uppercuts vs fireballs. it was getting random supers. like if you are crouching and then try to uppercut you will get a super. or if you try to quick rise and then uppercut same thing. sometimes you get an uppercut that cancels into a super which is weird and annoying. i could get it to a degree in training mode, but when it came down to a real game i kept throwing games because of the wrong inputs

i havent tried balrog that much, but when i tried guile i felt like he didnt really have any combos. like he has alot of individual moves and you can cancel them into a charge move if you have charge but other then that he didnt have much depth. idk

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