Car insurance with Amazon?

It's pretty clunky the way they do it. For the past two years I filled out the request, then it always says they will be in touch. I. The notes I say to contact me by email, but they never do, other than to say to call them to work out arrangements to talk options.

It seems like some sort of brokerage.

Amazon really needs to make the while process clickable online. Just like it is to get insurance.

I don't know if I'd save, or how much. But I definitely know I don't want to talk to an agent/sales person and have them figure out my options and upsell me.

Liberty mutual raised my cost 12% thus year due to claims in the surrounding area. that seems to be a sham all insurance company's use to raise premiums on good drivers with no claims.

Its happened In The past with progressive and other companies, and I'd always switch each year because of it. But with college and work I didn't spend the time to do that this year

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