Chicago Police found to be operating secret interrogation facility where people are shackled, denied attorney access, and beaten by police

Can attest. Have seen people sleeping in Amtrak and Greyhound stations, because they have nowhere else to go. It wasn't just a one-night, once in a blue moon occurrence for them to be in the station. More of a commonplace, everyday thing for those I saw there. It felt like a scene of utter desperation, of complete helpless surrender.

The trap has been laid, and the steps will be taken. You know, it is related to City and Regional Planning a lot, however much I harp on that. The GI Bill of the 1950's...while the Army was supposedly fucking over Philipino's fighting in the American army, they were giving American GI's free suburban homes. They didn't give what they promised to the Philipino's who fought, thus they didn't have to give the at-home GI's anything; they were at liberty to screw them over too. There were also a wide variety of other incentives they could've offered to the at-home GI's. Instead they chose to separate vast numbers of families in isolated and secluded pods, away and separate from each other and from normal structures supporting normal, constant social activity, and present it to these GI's as a boon rather than a complete travesty. They tricked them into accepting a chess move that would leave future generations isolated and separate from each other. Revolution happens in cities, it happens from constant social interaction, from not being afraid of other people. If revolution is like a reaction in chemistry, the living structures in the United States of America are like molecules in a solid--stuck in place, relatively non-moving. You would want a high concentration of molecules in finite space, constantly colliding and bumping into each other, where the rate of reaction is much higher. Hopefully that makes some sense. It's one thing to talk to a bunch of usernames on the internet, it's another thing to get together and reach such a consensus with myriad people of different shapes, ethnicities, and people of all different walks of life; in the present structure, they've got it so that will never happen. They've tricked the citizens into accepting a living grid where you'll never see other people, only a small, self-segregated group and the large-screen TV spewing consumerist art/commercials/propaganda (art, commercials, and propaganda are actually pretty interchangeable; different terms for visual messaging). Change will never happen. If people don't talk to each other in real life, to create unity, connection, and "reaction", it's impossible. And all the while they remove freedoms. They've certainly already removed them from African American communities, and it's difficult for non-blacks (I'll include myself in this) to even notice...because different races and socioeconomic groups are separated geographically and it's planned that way. Some people like this--"us" vs. "them". It's the truth. It's the truth.

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