CMV: TheRedPill philosophy isn't that bad, and is only painted bad because it's politically incorrect to say otherwise

Now my friend who had this happen to him, what advice should I have given him?

You're 17 years old, any relationship you have at this point will end because both you and any women you date will still be figuring out how to just be people and that takes practice. And even when you get older every single relationship you are in will fail, until one doesn't.

Also in light of this:

They dated 6 years, until she cheated on him.

I would tell him that he dodged a bullet there.

Rule #1- Never put woman on the pedestal

Don't put anyone on a pedestal, why would you do that?

Rule #2- Never buy a girl a drink as a way to talking to her.

Don't buy a drink for anyone as a way to talk to them, just talk to them. If you have to buy someone a drink to talk to them they probably aren't worth talking to.

Rule #3- Woman should appreciate you talking to them, not you being appreciative that they're talking to you.

So, basically mutual respect?

Rule #4- Value yourself. Believe you are the greatest thing on this earth and others will believe it to. Believe you aren't others will believe it too.

So, aside from the "greatest thing on earth" thing, basic self respect?

Rule #5- The moment you give a woman everything she wants, she won't want you anymore. Don't give away too much too quickly.

Because nothing says "healthy functional relationship" like emotinal withholding and haggling for "power" right?

Rule #6- Don't be desperate.

Basic advice for any human interaction

Rule #7- Never go out looking to try and get laid. When you are hunting you aren't in camouflage. Go out looking for a good time and others will want to join in.

Basic advice for any human interaction.

Your batting 5 pieces of basic advice available from any other self help system on earth, and 3 pieces of advice that will only work with people who desire to play games.

It seems the only advice that is unique to TRP is that which encourages you to engage with people who only operate on a level that views relationships as an adversarial endeavor. Why not walk away from the game all together and try and form meaningful relationships with people based on shared respect and honest emotions?

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