[Collapse SloMo] #1 2018 = 93 School Shootings, #2 2006 = 59 School Shootings

Warning, wildly offensive and unpopular opinion ahead:

I graduated in the 80s. Back then there we no school shootings. We even took guns to school. It was not forbidden to take guns to school. We would go hunting before or after school and took our guns and left them in our cars/trucks. Lots of guns at school then. No cops either. No metal detectors. No zero tolerance policies. Because back then, we were fucking retards with guns. Furthermore, the needs, geeks, dweebs, fuck ups, misfits, malcontents and otherwise dregs of society knew their fucking place because they were bullied. Did they show up to school and kill people? Nope. I wonder why? Could it be because they knew their place? Probably.

So what has happened over the past few decades that has made American culture so totally fucking retarded, dysfunctional, afraid, bed wetting?

Why is America such a violent place now? It has not always been like this. Why are there kids showing up to school killing other kids? Its not the guns. Fuck off if you think guns cause crime. Forks dont cause obesity. Guns dont commit murder.

Here is the upside: we have too damn man people so school shootings are probably a net positive.

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