Daily Simple Questions Thread - Jul 23, 2018

Hey guys, I'm sure you can help me out with this but first prepare for some mild tech gore.

I have an old laptop I'm trying to breathe a new life into, so I decided to upgrade RAM (from 2x 256 MB). I bought 2 GB of RAM and when I tried to put it in, it didn't fit because the hole was in a slightly different place. I decided to do the only logical thing in that moment so I took a knife and carved it a little (lol!) so it would fit. It fits now but my laptop won't turn on with that thing inside. It still works with the old RAM.

So I'm wondering, are there different types of RAM slots? I made sure to buy the one that will fit, it has a correct number of pins. Anyway, here are some pics. Top one is new ram, bottom one is old.


I've also noticed that the old one is slightly wider, so assuming the new one works, where's the problem exactly? I bought a non-compatible ram or should I go back to carving a bit more?

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