Daily Simple Questions Thread - September 01, 2019


I am very new to this so I'm sorry if I say something stupid.

I recently started trying to gain weight I used to be 49kg and I am 5'9, so underweight, but I have started to have mass gainer and have been increasing meals as well. I seem to have gotten into a habit and I am steadily increasing my weight. Currently I am 54kg after 2 months, which is good enough.

I would now like to start doing some workouts. I will be increasing my calorie intake so I can keep gaining weight as well.

I currently go on runs at least once every 3 days, and I have started curling dumbbells.

Issue is I curl 10 on my right arm, then switch to 10 on left and I struggle big time. I do another 10 on my right without much struggle, but my left can barely do 3. I will be switching around and doing lefts first and match my right arm to the amount my left side does to try to correct the imbalance.

However I am unsure what other workouts to add.

I can do 50 situps but heard situps are a bad idea and I should switch to planks, so I will be. Pushups are much more difficult and I can only do around 15.

I would get a pullup bar, but my doorframes are quite weak and there isn't much space in my house. I don't really want to go to the gym and prefer exercises that can be done without equipment. However if it is some cheap and small equipment that doesn't take up much space I can buy those.

So currently:

  • Dumbbell curl as much as my left arm can do
  • Planks
  • Pushups 10-15
  • One run every 3 days

I will increase the amounts eventually, but currently, those seem to be my max amount.

I am guessing I am leaving out a lot of muscles that need to be worked on, so any suggestions to what I should add are welcome. My goal is to get around 70kg, and be somewhat fit. I don't really want to be bulky and have a lot of muscles, just enough to be healthy and pick up most items without struggle.

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