Dear diary... It's me, Shannel, and I wear costumes! | Sunday Edition - September 06, 2020

Sometimes yall make wild predictions and assumptions based on nothing at all (well, at least some of them) and I'll save that comment and look at it later to see how correct yall may have been. I've just looked over some saved comments and two highlights were:

A comment by the brass instrument one, telling yall she'll bet money on Scarlett's Ball win being hella undeserving - however this brassy lassy also absolutely hates Scarlett so this comment was unsurprising lol. Nonetheless the amount of incorrect is overflowing on this one ey

And another was a comment telling everyone who thinks certain queens will make it far is a fool. The highlight being that Symone (the reason I saved this one) and Rose - very likely our two frontrunners - were specifically named lol. They did say we sometimes get a surprise or two but this is still something I very much enjoyed seeing again lol.

You gotta love the psychics of the Spoiler Sub.

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