Dear diary... it's me, Sasha Belle & I cracked the code! Thursday edition - October 31, 2019

i can try to give you as much info as possible but it’s going to be some guess work based on the info i was given. i can’t ask her about it or she’ll get annoyed so... we gotta make due with this.

i don’t think he and the nurse are particularly close, and the way my friend described it was that it was his second time ever being at that place.. she said “they remembered him from the first time” so i think it was a new place for them both. but now i’m kind of wondering if the “nurse” thing happened at all since it seems so wildly unprofessional AND overly-familiar of a complete stranger. like maybe it was some interaction he had with a friend (that she probably knows) and pinned it on a nurse instead? he works in a “macho” male-dominated career which also sort of fuels my suspicion.

my friend says he apparently didn’t laugh it off and only found it funny how weird the situation was but to me that’s so ?? it doesn’t add up at all to me. because even if we buy that he didn’t find what the nurse said was funny, he still didn’t defend her, told her about it like she would find it funny too, got defensive when my friend said that was upsetting to her, and only apologized later.

i really think he’s playing her but idk if i’m just being crazy about this

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