Difference between 8 and 9

Your speaking style is not of an eight, and peace is not your priority. You actually sound more curious than anything - a mental type. I would suggest looking more deeply into counter-phobic 6.

The issue with sixes is that they are in the core of the mental triad and so they have a difficult time realizing they're mental types. In the case of cp sixes, because they are afraid of fear, they have an especially difficult time coming to terms with being a fear type.

Some things to consider about 6. Cp-6 will tend to confuse their aggressions as acts of anger, when in reality they are acting out of fear, not anger. The point of the aggression is to show people that they're not afraid and shouldn't be messed with. They make themselves seem bigger than they are as a way to deter people from trying them on. They don't actually want to engage in conflict, they only want to protect themselves from harm. Thus can appear very scary and confrontational, but it is mostly to prevent escalation.

Eights on the other hand are not as reactive. They purposefully direct their anger towards obtaining the object of their desire (lust). Anger arises in response to the perceived restrictions on their autonomy and ability to do what they want. There is little need to communicate what they intend to do, they just do it and deal with who ever tries to stop them.

Sixes (specifically sexual sixes) are contrarian by nature. They easily enter into debate countering whatever the other person is saying, even if they don't believe their own argument. There is an underlying motivation to oppose the other's perspective and be argumentative with them. Like nines, they can see many points of view, so they can easily play devils advocate.

Eights style of argumentation is less mental and adversarial. They tend to have a fixed position on what the "truth" is, and they push their perspective onto others. If their truth is not accepted, they either push harder, or they dismiss the other person as incompetent. It is very much "my way or the highway".

In terms of vulnerability, eights find it difficult to let people in on their softer side and express tender emotions. They feel that people may betray their trust and play on their emotions. It can be easy for sixes to feel the same way. However, sixes are more concerned about testing other people so that they know whether someone is safe and loyal. It is less about sharing their soft side, and more about being able to relax in the comfort and safety of a trusted companion. Six wants security in a relationship. Eight wants intimacy.

One last thing. In terms of injustice. Injustice for eights means seeking retribution for those who have hurt and betrayed them. It tends to take the form of vengeance. Eights feel that if they have been wronged, they have the right to assert themselves to balance the scales, so to speak. They use "truth" as their justification to assert their power.

Sixes are more concerned about protection than retribution. They desire to protect themselves and their close allies from harm falling upon them. Their stance is preemptive attack. They take it upon themselves to guard those under their wing. In this sense, they can seem to be concerned about injustice, but their primary concern is to create a safe atmosphere where they are free from dangers and threats to their safety/security coming from the outside world.

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