Doggo is going vegan too!

I don't think you understand how frustrating this thread is coming from someone who is actually working in an animal medicine profession. I deal with this shit every day of my life. A client comes in telling me they don't want to vaccinate their puppy because they read online that ~holistic~ veterinarians can prevent diseases by using ~holistic~ diets. Meanwhile this animal is being put at major risk because of the proven incorrect opinions of a pet owner who googled "dog vaccine dangerous" and read the top three articles paid for by anti-vaccine organizations before coming in.

It is literally my job to educate clients about the dangers of day to day life for their pet that is specific to its needs. It is also my job to stay up to date on the most current information regarding animal health and nutrition. So when I come into this thread and see a vegan diet hailed as god's gift to the world for pets, it doesn't really inspire me to chill. It's sad as hell, and I wish people did more research.

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