I don’t know why I don’t connect with people and why people don’t like being around me.

I can somewhat relate to this, though I do have a couple of close friends that do enjoy being around me, I find it next to impossible to make new friendships that actually stick and where you actually spend time together. It sucks. Are the people that blow you off typically in a relationship? I find that people who aren’t single and childless are just harder to get together with cause all their day to day plans and activities revolve around the family. They have a clan already and it’s just like autopilot that they’re just with them on the weekend, only travel with them, have to be home in time to make dinner for them etc. When people tell me to focus less on trying to find a partner I’m always like “why?” Isn’t that where the ‘family’ begins? How do you build a life otherwise?

I can be your Internet friend if you like! Haha I love chatting :)

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