Drowning in unfounded jealousy... I'm a (m23) she's a (f25) just had her birthday.

I have the same problem with feeling jealous. She's told me so many stories and things about all these guy's she's been with, and shes the first girlfriend ever and it being long distance makes it so much harder. I remember before we were actually like "dating", she asked for my facebook or something and she said something like, oh which one should i give you, and i said wait you have 2??? She was like yeah i have two, but she never told me about it and weve never talked about it later, until last month i believe where we were talking and i said something about her 2 Facebook accounts and she turned it around and told me i was the one who had the two Facebook account and that seemed very suspicious. In the earlier stages of it i never felt lile thos but then she tells me of all these dudes that like her and talk to her and some guy has even sent nasty pictures to her and she told me about it and that really made me mad that some punk was sending her nasty pictures. Later on she tells me of her ex that she had been woth for a long time and that they had been talking recently and she told me why they broke up, he cheated on her, and i rrally did not like him from then on. Whenever i said that he was a scum and a bad person she would get mad at me and kind of defend him because of what i was saying, which i still dont understand why because of the horrible thing he did to her. The day she told me that we argued about it a lot. A few days later we were in an argument and then i brought up the cheating ex thing again and then she got super mad and wanted to break up with me, and we did for a little bit i guess, but then i asked her for one more chance and she said yes. Previously she had been saying things of how ive been getting boring and our relationship has been getting boring and she says she thinks its due to the distance, and that worried me so much. It still worries me til this day. One night we were skyping and then somehow we started talking about suggar mamas and suggar daddies and then she was like, oh ill make a fake account to look at my options, to which i replied like wtf options???? And she said back "imaginary options" and that kind of messed me up at the moment. And recently shes told me of this one guy she used to talk to a long time ago on tumblr and that he liked her and they talked blah blah blah and whatever and now theyve started talking again and he added her on Facebook and TN is guy has talked shit about me twice and i dont like him either. She told me one day that im too nice of a boyfriend and that she likes it when people are mean or whatever and according to what she said to me about this guy, he's "mean" and she likes that. And damn i that pisses me off because theyve been talking a lot recently, apparently. Im just a huge jealous crap because i really dont want to lose her. I cant see myself with anyone else but theres so much stuff that bothers me and i cant say it without her getting mad at me it's frustrating. I love this girl with all my heart and i do trust that she would never do such a thing to me buy i still have thoughts you know?? I do trust her. I dont know what to do i wish i could just tell my brain to shut up. Can anyone help me? What can i do about this. I really dont want myself to be the one that makes us crumble apart. I dont want to live without this girl.

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